Important tips to clean your house

Everybody loves a clean house and wants to make shine their house. It’s very hard to clean your house at once but not impossible you need to make plan that from where you will start to clean your house. You can tell your maid about Villa deep cleaning in Dubai and the jvc cleaning services provide professional maids for cleaning the villas or houses. These maids take handsome salary but make shine your house keenly, which is actually what you wanted for your house. These maids make your house spotless and do deep cleaning of your house. So many friends and relatives gave me suggestion about these maids and I’m suggesting you these maids.  Maids take less time to clean because they have to go other homes, they are professional in their work. And your mom would love to have these maids and moms will appreciate their work.

Here are some tips that from where you should start cleaning your house.

Start from the Kitchen


First thing that you should start cleaning kitchen its stove, it’s the important part of the kitchen because you have to cook different things on it all the day, you have to make breakfast, then lunch then dinner so its get dirty with usage so start cleaning from the stove. Use hot water to clean the stove.

Then Sink should be cleaned: 

You will surprise to know that your sink has more bacteria’s other than other things of kitchen. Because used dishes, plates, cups etc, have to be washed here so it gets more bacteria. You should use the sanitizers to clean the sink it will kill the germs and will save you from the diseases.


Then clean your dishes and try to clean these dishes with baking soda once in a week it keeps the dishes away from the diseases, it is important to clean your dishes with the baking soda. It will kill the germs in the dishes.

Clean Oven:

Oven is the heart of your kitchen because you make so many things in the oven like cake, warm the curry and other so many things so its very important to take care of your oven and keep clean it every time. You can use tissue papers or any clean cloth to clean the oven. 

We have discussed about kitchen cleaning, we’ll talk about other cleaning in next article.