Diabetes Myth vs Fact

Even though diabetes is a pretty common health condition and the internet is full of information on this topic yet there are still misunderstandings created. Myths are often confused as facts which lead to a misinterpreted condition about the disease that creates stigma around the people and confuses them. Here is some myth vs fact clearing for a better understanding:

  • People with diabetes should not eat sugar under any circumstance
  • People with diabetes can certainly have sugar with a little moderation. This is a complete myth that you will have to stay away from sugar or else it could act like a poison for you and your body. Don’t shy away from organic sweeteners in food and enjoy your life by having a balanced and healthy diabetic diet plan Dubai.
  • Type 2 diabetes is not something very serious and can be considered mild
  • No stage of diabetes can be considered mild. People who suffer from diabetes are at a continuous high risk of developing it into something serious if not taken care correctly on time. Even though the myth is highly misinterpreted but it can be said that type 2 diabetes can be controlled with healthy diet plan and medication with proper care but not completely out of danger.
  • Diabetic food is the only food which diabetic patients should eat
  • Diabetic patients should avoid diabetic food in reality. Have you ever wondered that the foods which are labelled as diabetic food are still sweet, how? Well, these foods do not contain processed sugar but instead are full of sugar alcohol and other sweeteners. This in return damages the condition more as it increases the glucose levels and other such diseases.
  • Diabetic patients lose their eyesight and amputation
  • Blindness and amputation can be caused by diabetes but is preventable. As you must know that diabetes is one of those diseases which never go away and this is why when the condition is not controlled by maintaining the blood pressure, glucose level in body, and control on weight and quitted smoking, it can worsen the condition causing blindness and amputation. All you need to do is keep track of your diet.

We are sure you must have heard one of these if you are a diabetic patient and it would have scared you. It’s good now that you have cleared off some of these myths.